Pungor Ernő (szerk.): Ion-selective electrodes 3. Symposium held at Mátrafüred, Hungary, 13-15 October, 1980 - Ion-selective electrodes 4. (Budapest, 1980)

ION-SELECTIVE ELECTRODES,3 THIRD SYMPOSIUM HELD AT MÁTRAFÜRED, HUNGARY, 13-15 OCTOBER, 1980 Edited by E. PUNGOR and I. BÚZÁS The Symposium on Ion-Selective Electrodes, held at Mátrafüred, Hungary, summarizes the recent theoretical and practical results in this field. Four plenary lectures report on the thermo­dynamic behaviour of ion-selective elec­trodes, on physico-chemical methods of their investigation, analytical aspects and the ion transport through neutral carrier mem­branes. Five keynote lectures deal with new research methods: X-ray photoelectron-spectrosco­py, the electrochemical behaviour of solid­­state electrodes, problems of the response time and questions of selectivity and recent improvements. The application of ion-selective electrodes in continuous monitoring, the use of new sensors as electrodes, physico-chemical in­vestigations on the electrode material, novel trends in instrumentation, theoretical and practical study of the electrodes are the main aspects of the 23 discussion lectures. The lectures are regarded as initatives of the discussions. The discussions of the lectures and the Panel Discussion, its main topic being the standardization and classification of ion-selective electrodes, will be of great interest to scientists engaged in this field. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ • BUDAPEST