Pungor Ernő (szerk.): Ion-selective electrodes 4. Symposium held at Mátrafüred, 1984 - Ion-selective electrodes 5. (Budapest, 1985)

ION-SELECTIVE ELECTRODES, 4 FOURTH SYMPOSIUM HELD AT MÄTRAFÜRED, HUNGARY, 8-12 OCTOBER, 1984 Edited by E. PUNGOR and I. BÚZÁS The book contains the full text of 50 lectures delivered at the Symposium The working mechanisms of ion-selective elec­trodes, the theory of selectivity, dynamic prop­erties of ion-selective membranes in the light of recent scientific research are some of the highlights of the papers in the volume. The most important topics dealt with include a survey on the development, mechanism and prep­aration of novel ion-sensitive membranes, differ­ent types of chemically sensitive field effect tran­sistors, their applications in analytical and physical chemistry; the liquid membrane ISEs, their selectiv­ity properties and their application to flow analysis; the chemically modified electrode sensors for bio­components; flow injection analysis and monitor­ing of enzyme based reaction. Numerous contribu­tions appear on the application of ISEs in practical fields as in clinical analysis, in industrial analysis with computer interpretation of data, and the in­vestigation of interferences in measurements with ISEs. This book will be of great interest to scientists working in this rapidly developing field of analytical chemistry. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST