Pungor Ernő (szerk.): Ion-selective electrodes. Conference held at Budapest, 1977 - Ion-selective electrodes 3. (Budapest, 1978)

ION-SELECTIVE ELECTRODES CONFERENCE HELD AT BUDAPEST, HUNGARY 5 9 September, 1977 Edited by E. PUNGOR and I. BÚZÁS This volume contains the full text of papers presented at the Conference on Ion-Selec­tive Electrodes held at Budapest in Sep­tember, 1977. The book comprises 55 papers in which the recent results of this rapidly developing field of electroanalytical chemistry are pre­sented. The Conference attracted a number of world-famous scientists from various countries to participate and present papers on research done in the field of ion-selective electrodes. The 7 plenary lectures covered recent trends in ion-selective electrode research, theoret­ical problems concerning the mechanism of the electrode response, results in the field of new electrode constructions, the stand­ardization of ion-selective electrodes as well as their application at high tempera­tures. In the discussion papers mainly the analyti­cal applications of ion-selective electrodes were dealt with, but theories based on the newest scientific trends were also discussed. B. In addition to the application of ion-selec­­tive electrodes in various fields of analytical chemistry, attention was paid to the trans­port characteristics and dynamic behaviour of glass membrane electrodes. Studies on enzyme electrodes, liquid membrane elec­trodes, and ion-exchanger electrodes con­stituted the topic of several other papers. The papers dealing with the problems of the incorporation of ion-selective electrodes