Pungor Ernő (szerk.): Ion-selective electrodes. Second Symposium held at Mátrafüred, 18-21. October, 1976 - Ion-selective electrodes 2. (Budapest, 1976)

ION-SELECTIVE ELECTRODES SYMPOSIUM HELD AT MÁTRAFÜRED, HUNGARY 18-21 OCTOBER, 1976 Edited by E. PUNGOR and I. BÚZÁS This book contains the papers of the 2nd Conference on Ion-Selective Elec­trodes, held at Mátrafüred, Hungary, 1976, and gives a survey of the most recent results obtained by means of ion-selective electrodes. Several problems have been solved in the field of fundamental and theoret­ical examination of the different electrode systems since the first Symposium. The five plenary lectures examine the properties of recently developed neutral carrier electrodes and report on the methods of automatic analysis as well as on enzymatic analysis by means of ion-selective electrodes. The fifteen discussion lectures report mainly on the analytical uses, the question of selectivity and sensitivity of the new types of electrodes. At the end of these lectures there are ques­tions and comments on the problems involved. The panel discussion on selected topics of interest lasted almost six hours. Apart from the wealth of information given by the plenary and discussion lectures, there is no doubt that the publication of this lively and fruitful panel discussion alone will be of interest to all engaged in this field of analytical chemistry. <333 AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ-BUDAPEST