Pungor Ernő (szerk.): Ion-selective electrodes. Symposium held at Mátrafüred, Hungary, 23-25 October, 1972 - Ion-selective electrodes 1. (Budapest, 1973)

IOn~5£LECTIVE ELECTRODES edited by E. Pungor and I. Búzás The material of this Symposium held at Mátrafüred (Hungary), 23 — 25 October, 1972, gives a survey on the most recent results obtained by means of ion-selective electrodes. The plenary lectures report mainly on the funda­mental and theoretical examination of the different electrode systems together with their practical application. They give accounts of recent experi­mental results obtained with precipitate based solid and organic ligand based liquid membrane electrodes as well as heterogeneous polythene membrane electrodes regarding their sensitivity, selectivity and response time. Examples are given to illustrate the application of the electrodes in continuous analysis and measurement of ion ac­tivity. The factors influencing the electrochemical behaviour of the electrodes are also discussed. The topic of the discussion lectures is mainly the presentation of specific analytical results and the new types of electrodes. The results described in 7 plenary and 10 discussion lectures are completed by the summary of the conference discussion. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest