Round table conference on food production, nutrition, health. January 19-23, 1981, Uppsala (Budapest, 1983)

Round Table Conference on FOOD PRODUCTION NUTRITION HEALTH Edited by SÁNDOR RAJKI und ÄKE BRUCE The round table conference on “Food Produc­tion - Nutrition - Health”, organized jointly by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, held in Uppsala, Sweden in 1981, is a sequel to the “Workshop on Agricultural Potentiality Directed by Nutritional Needs”, held in Martonvásár, Hungary in 1978. The significance of food production has never been such a crucial issue for mankind as in this century. The exchange of ideas on possible ap­proaches between agriculturalists and nutrition­ists proved most worthwhile in the efforts aimed at bridging the gap between countries of diverse and unequal economic development. This volume containing the papers presented at seven sessions and the subsequent discussions is a valuable contribution to this cause. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST