Schütz Ödön: An Armeno-Kipchak chronicle on the Polish-Turkish wars in 1620-1621 - Bibliotheca orientalis Hungarica 11. (Budapest, 1968)

ANARMENO­-CHRONICLE ONTHE POLISHTURKISH WARS ة E. SCHUTZ AN ARMENO-KIPCHAK CHRONICLE ON THE POLISH-TURKISH WARS OE 1620-1621 (Bibliotheca Orientalis Hungarica 11.) The Armeno-Kipchak Chronicle called Kamenets Chronicle is a momentous source on the history of the Polish — West-Ukranian — Moldavian borderland in the 16/I7th centuries, and offers also a wealth of in­­formation concerning the life of the renowned local Armenian trading centre. The language spoken by the colony of Armenians repre­­sents an important link between the Codex Cu­­manicus and the living Tatar languages. The facsimile edition of the most interesting part of the Kamenets Chronicle in linguistic transcription with synoptic translation presents also a full gram­­matical survey and an Armeno-Kipchak — English glossary. The volume will be of interest to historians, turc­­ologists, armenologists and slavists. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences BUDAPEST