Socialist concept of human rights (Budapest, 1966)

SOCIALIST CONCEPT OF HUMAN RIGHTS A multilateral approach based on detailed inquiries into the most varied fields of legal theory, philosophy and socio­logy throws new light on the historical development of the fundamental rights of citizens. Such vital problems as equa­lity of citizens’ rights, econo­mic, social and cultural rights and questions concerning the political rights and liberties of individuals have been tackled from a modern point of view. Also the main historical stages of the statutory regulations of citizens’ rights in various coun­tries and ages are analysed. Parallel to the critical survey of the main trends of bourgeois theories and constitutional developments, a special claim of this book is to give a clearer understanding of the theory, enactment and enfor­cement of socialist fundamen­tal rights. A rich comprehen­sive material makes the book a highly instructive and useful source of information for spe­cialist and general reader alike. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST