Studies in Hungarian geographical sciences (Budapest, 1960)

STUDIES IN HUNGNRIIN GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES This volume contains the lectures of Hungarian geographers for the 1960 Stockholm Congress of the Interna­tional Geographical Union, partly in English, partly in French, with abstracts in Russian. The papers deal with some problems of physical and eco­nomical geography the Hungarian geographers are mostly interested in. The papers on physical geography seek, on the basis of new data, new approa­ches to the much debated problems of the Quaternary, such as the climatical types of the periglacial period and their landscape-forming influence, or the mani­fold possibilities of genesis of the Hun­garian loesses. One paper considers the fossil tropical karst forms of Hungary, with conclusions upon the palaeoclimati­­cal conditions, another deals with the terrace system of the Hungarian section of the Danube valley with references to young crustal movements. One of the papers on economic ge­ography points out the close relations that have developed in Hungary between the location of energy-absorbing branches of industry and of the energy carriers. Since 1959, Hungarian geographers have contributed to the research in soil utilization, going on at a lively pace all over the world. A paper deals with methodological results arrived at in this field. Finally, a paper reports on the Hun­garian atlas under preparation. It discus­ses in detail the principles governing the drafting of the atlas, the methods of map construction, etc. Distributor: KULTURA Budapest 62 P. O. Box 149