Szántay Csaba: Synthesis of prostaglandins - Recent developments in the chemistry of natural carbon compounds 8. (Budapest, 1978)

SYNTHESIS OF PROSTAGLANDINS by Gs. Szdntay and L. Novák The prostaglandins constitute one of the most exciting groups of highly potent biologically active compounds to appear on the bio­medical scene during the past decade. Within the diverse biolog­ical effects of prostaglandins, the control of uterine contraction and labour induction are the most promising, since the control of human reproduction is one of the greatest problems facing mankind at present. The synthesis of naturally oc­curring prostaglandins has, during the past few years, been occupying the interest of a constantly in­creasing number of investigators. This long-awaited up-to-date mono­graph is centred on the synthe­sis of prostaglandins and con­centrates on the stereocontrolled total synthesis of classical pros­taglandins. The other sections cover the synthesis of modified prostaglandins, derivatives, and biosynthesis. Special topics as structural requirements for phar­macological action of prostaglan­dins, stereochemical problems, and modern techniques in practical organic chemistry are integrated into the topical material. The volume is intended as a means of helping the organic chemist in selecting new targets for synthesis and directing him in the correspond­ing experimental technique. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing Ноше of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest