Szentléleky Tihamér: Ancient lamps - Monumenta antiquitatis extra fines Hungariae reperta quae in Museo Artium Hungarico aliisque museis et collectionibus Hungaricis conservantur 1. (Budapest - Amsterdam, 1969)

X. SZENTLÉLEKY ANCIENT LAMPS Monumenta Antiquitatis Hungarica I. The work contains descriptions of the numerous ancient lamps that have been preserved in Hungary. As a basic point of selection has been kept in view by the author that only such pieces should be elaborated in this monograph as have been registered from places of provenience falling outside the borders of the ancient Roman province Pannonia. Each characteristic group of the period from the fifth century B.C. to the sixth century A.D. has been repre­sented in the publication. From among the Hellenistic lamps those with decorated shoulders and side lugs are worthy of special mention: in the ensemble of the early imperial period, the lamps of Cyprian origin, while in the collection of the late imperial centuries, those termed frog lamps and the African lamps are out­standing. The material of bronz lamps is also significant on account of both the number and the quality of the specimens described. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Budapest