Szigeti György (szerk.): Proceedings of the International Conference on Luminescence. Budapest, 1966. 2. - International Conference on Luminescence 2. (Budapest, 1968)

PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON LUMINESCENCE Edited by G. SZIGETI The two volumes contain in English the papers presented at the Inter­national Conference on Lumines­cence, Budapest, 1966 (the three In­troductory lectures by Prof. Gar­­lick, Prof. Levshin and Prof. Seitz both in English and in Russian). The conference dealt with the general problems of luminescence, the prob­lems of organic and inorganic luminescent materials, especially of oxides and sulphides, including the rare earth metal compounds (im­portant for colour television), the phenomena of injection lumines­cence, solid state lasers and the application of luminescence. The delivered lectures present the most up-to-date results achieved in recent years in various countries all over the world. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ PUBLISHING HOUSE OF THE HUNGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Budapest