The standard of living. Some problems of analysis and of international comparison. Proceedings of Branch B of the Scientific Conference on Statistical Problems, Budapest, 1-5. Jun. 1961 (Budapest, 1962)

SOME PROBLEMS OF ANALYSIS AND OF INTERNATIONAL COMPARISON Edited by M. Mód, L. Drechsler, Zs. Ferge, L. Lengyel and Gy, Szilágyi THE STANDARD OF LIVING This volume contains tlie proceedings of Branch В of the Scientific Conference on Statis­tical Problems held in Buda­pest in June 1961. Besides the Hungarian participants scientific and technical experts from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia , the German Democratic Repub­lic and the Soviet Union took part in the discussion of the Conference. In this volume the reader will find 26 papers and numerous comments analyzing the results achieved by economists and statisticians in the last years. They report on the problems of distribution of income, strata surveys and the correlation of consumption and living stand­ard, as well as the controversial problems of the subject. Such are, for instance, the system of synthetic and specifying indi­cators of the standard of living, the special issues of examining the standard of living of the peasantry, the role of services and social allotments. Special attention should be paid to the discussion concerning the com­putation of the consumers’ price index and the family budget surveys. The book will be of great interest to statisticians, theoret­ical economists and experts of trade as well as to mathe­matical statisticians.