Varentsov, M. - Grasselly, M. (szerk.): Manganese on the bottom of recent basins - Geology and geochemistry of manganese 3. (Budapest, 1980?)

GEOLOGY AND GEOCHEMISTRY OF MANGANESE Edited by 1. M. VARENTSOV and GY. GRASSELLY This volume contains the proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on the Geology and Geochemistry of Manganese, organized by the IAGOD Commission on Manganese and the Working Group of the IGCP Project No. Ill, within the framework of the 25th IGC, held in Sydney. The publication of these papers offers a wealth of information on the new results achieved in this field of research by leading scientists of different countries. Volume 1 deals with general problems of the mineralogy and geochemistry of manganese, throwing new light on different questions on the basis of modern instrumental investigations. Volume 2 offers a survey of the latest results concerning the geology and genesis of manganese deposits of different types, as e. g. those of Aus­tralia, Brazil, Gabon, Hungary, India, Korea, New Zealand and the Soviet Union. Volume 3 is devoted to the questions of potentia sources of manganese in Recent basins, to the formation and distribution of manganese nodules in shallow water basins and on ocean floors as well, and to the role of microorganisms in the formation of manganese nodules. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ, BUDAPEST