Weisstein, Ulrich: Expressionism, as an international literary phenomenon. 21 essays and a bibliography - A comparative history of literatures in European languages 1. (Budapest, 1973)

EXPRESSIONISM AS AN INTERNATIONAL LITERARY PHENOMENON Edited by U. Weisstkin This volume is the first to appear in the series A Compara­tive History of Literatures in European Languages which was launched at the Belgrade Con­gress of the International Com­parative Literature Association. It aims at disclosing the similar­ities and divergencies of an in­ternational literary movement. While, in the past, it was mainly the German aspect of Expres­sionism which has been studied, this volume presents Expres­sionism against a more general, European and American, back­ground. For all the differences of opinion concerning the artis­tic values upheld and fostered by Expressionism (as reflected in the present collection), the movement itself had со isider­­able historical significance. The contributors offer scl olarly analyses of the principi ;s, as well as the thematic and formal elements, of Expressio' ism as they appear in vario i a litera­tures. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ BUDAPEST LIBRAIRIE MARCEL DIDIER PARIS