Wolfram Ervin - Szekrényesy Tibor (szerk.): Proceedings of the International conference on colloid and surface science. 15-20 September, 1975, Budapest. 2. Discussions and Free Communications - Proceedings of the International conference on colloid and surface science 2. (Budapest, 1976)

Proceedings of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COLLOID~AND SURFACE SCIENCE Edited by E. Wolfram and T. SzEKRÉNYESY Volume 2 Discussions and Free Communications This volume contains discussions to papers presented at the International Conference on Colloid and Surface Science held in September, 1975 in Budapest, Hungary. The purpose of this IUPAC-sponsored meeting was to cover as many subjects as possible of this broad field of science. The papers presented in Volume 1 provided a survey of the research work being carried out with materials possessing large surface area and/or supermolecular structure elements and the discussions presented here add con­siderably to the value of those papers. In addition, the full texts of papers presented as free communications are included. The areas that were dealt with at the Con­ference were: surface structure and surface chemistry of solids; adsorption at solid/gas and solid/liquid interfaces; wetting; thin liquid films; adsorption of polymers; adsorption of surfactants; formation of disperse systems; stability and structure of disperse systems; electrical phenomena; rheology; gels; micelliza­­tion and related phenomena; monolayers and foams; molecular interactions; applica­tions and methods. AKADÉMIAI KIADÓ Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest