Ricardo, David: A politikai gazdaságtan és az adózás alapelvei. Válogatás egyéb írásokból és parlamenti beszédekből (Budapest, 2017)

FUGITIVE AND OCCASIONAL PIECES. ON TUB DEATH OF DAVID RICARDO, Esn. M Farewell ! a long farewell f Amidst mankind, Of sterling virtue and of gifted mind, How few could rival thee—how few could claim Such splendid means, and yet ao wise an aim— How few, alas! resist Ambition’s wiles, Or ayren Pleasure’s soft seductive smiles ?— Amidst domestic joys content to move In all the luxury of social love! But call’d to higher objecta, auch as raise Men’s faults ana failings to the general gaze, *Twas thine, untempted by the arts of Fame, To boast a pure and unpolluted name— E’en those who thought thee wrong, will now attest The single, simple purpose of thy breast. Profound in science (Oh! could all we read To ends so useful as thy writings lead}— Though dead, thy works shall still instruction give, Whilst Steuart, Montesquieu, and Smith shall live. Thy weeping kindred round thy tomb shall kneel. But who can paint the anguish which they feel. If those, not link'd, alas! by ties so dear. Would fondly imitato thy virtues here.